VCCA Offers Personlized Chapter

In March of 2014 the VCCA Board of Directors approved the creation of a non-geographic chapter to recognize personalized Chevrolet cars and trucks. Debate among VCCA members about modified vehicles and their place in the club has existed for decades. is publishing viewpoints from both sides of the debate. Click here to read more.

The “Personalized” Chapter invites only street legal, Chevrolet manufactured vehicles, with no major body modifications, utilizing Chevrolet drive trains (or drive trains built by other GM divisions for that specific
Chevrolet), with no exposed engine components.

Director's Update

October 2014

Hello Everyone and Happy Halloween,

Looks like cooler weather is coming and I can’t wait. I think we can expect more rainfall which will be great for everyone.

By the time our newsletter goes out our swap meet will be over. Give an extra big Thank You to Don Newhouse for his leadership in keeping us all focused on our goal of having a really good one this year. I know that Don appreciates all of you who have volunteered your time handing out fliers and promoting our swap meet.

Election, Election, Election!! Chuck Kinsey and Mike Cassady need to hear from those of you who would like to run for an elected office on our Board of Directors and/or other LSR positions. There are many open positions where the club can benefit from your involvement. 

If you have the opportunity, please offer a ride or assistance to one of our senior members who have limited mobility but a desire to attend our Christmas party at Rolling Hills Country Club. Leila Kinsey has contacted the Chambers and offered her assistance in driving them to the Christmas party if they are able to attend. Thank you Leila.

Please remember and participate in our two events in October. October 11, Fall Day Tour to Thurber/Granbury and October 25-26 Alliance Air Show, Alliance Airport.

There is quite a controversy going on at the National VCCA over the “Personalized Chevrolet Chapter of the VCCA”. At the March Board Meeting, after having properly announced the motion and soliciting feedback, the motion was voted on to establish a Personalized Chevrolet Chapter. The motion carried 8-3. Jim Gebhardt, VCCA Vice President was the author of this motion.

Don Williams, Michael Jones, and Mike McNeil all former Presidents of VCCA along with recent national Vice Presidents, John Mahoney and Bill Bradford are circulating a petition to have the “Personalized Chevrolet Chapter of the VCCA” deleted as a category of membership.

I asked our webmaster, Jeff Newhouse, to post on our website Jim Gebhardt’s entire email with attachments as well as the one received from Don Williams’ group. I encourage all of you to go to our website . Please read Mr. Gebhardt’s email first so that you understand exactly what is intended by the creation of the “Personalized Chevrolet Chapter”. Then read Mr. Williams’ group’s reasoning for wanting to revoke this chapter.

By having a complete picture of the motion and being fully informed you will be able to decide if you want to sign the petition that Mr. William’s group is circulating to revoke the motion or leave it in place as it was approved by the current Board of Directors.

Thank you.

Calendar of Events 2014

  • October 4 Lone Star Region Board Meeting  (Hosted by the Wilshires)
  • October 11 Fall Day Tour – Thurber/Granbury area
  • October 12 Lone Star Region Meeting
  • October 25-26 Alliance Air Show, Alliance Airport
  • November 9 Lone Star Region Meeting with election of 2015 officers, luncheon and Bingo
  • December 3 Ladies Ornament Exchange, 11:00 AM Tin Tulip Tea Room, 4905 South Cooper Street, Arlington, TX
  • December 13 LSR Christmas Party at Rolling Hills Country Club, 401 Lamar, Arlington, TX Time will be: 1:30 PM Registration form will be in the November newsletter. Make your plans to attend!